Registration is a key ingredient to a successful billing process. Entering billing information correctly and securing accurate data are two of the most important steps in the registration process. If information is accurately entered, the billing process becomes seamless and you will avoid unnecessary denials and delays. PMC will work directly with your registration staff to develop best practice procedures to ensure data is entered correctly the first time.

Verification of benefits is crucial to the revenue cycle process. Insurance companies are becoming increasingly more proactive in gathering information and establishing specific requirements needed to pay for covered services. Verification of benefits ensures that services will be covered prior to consulting with the patient. This patient friendly billing process will provide the patient upfront information that is needed to make financial arrangements to pay for services in a timely manner. Sharing the billing process and payment expectations ensures the patient is fully aware of the expectation of the organization.

Time-of-service payments are essential to a successful organization. At each visit the patient should be responsible for any co-pay, co-insurance, or deductible amount owing for the services rendered. PMC will work with an organization’s registration staff to ensure this process is part of the registration process.

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